New Portfolio Composer Podcast Interview

I've worked with Garrett Hope before, in a podcast with my colleagues Chris Foss and Adam Fieldson.  It was awesome because Garrett is awesome.  He's able to cobble together a ton of information from each interview he conducts with composer-type people from around the industry and put together some incredibly valuable information for all of us trying to figure things out.

I decided to drop my personal Facebook profile several months ago.  Garrett got wind of it and decided that was worth talking about on the podcast.  We got into why and how and should one drop their social media, but also why I'm not resting with the internet or technology... Consortio is coming and Tyler and I are determined to make an impact on those musicians who haven't had a chance to experience the creation of new music.

Anyway, here's the podcast, and I hope you find something valuable in here!

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