New Music, Volume 1

Ok now, just as it is NOT ok that all the good movies happen around the same time (Oscars, that's just too much power for not enough viewing time), or that it is NOT ok that Stranger Things drops during Midterms, it is NOT ok when too much possibly-insanely-awesome music drops at the same time.

  • New/arranged music dropped from Jacob Collier (cue joy), Laura Mvula (cue tears), and Gabriel Kahane (cue I don't even know what but I love everything he does) within the past day.

  • In the past year, Fleet Foxes' Crack-Up, Run the Jewels' irate 3rd album, that random beautiful song from Hundred Waters that Skrillex remixed with Chance, and Kendrick's DAMN–which it turns out has a different but equally fulfilling narrative if listened to from back to front (damn you, Kendrick, killing it yet again)–all came out with various levels of musical and narrative propulsion that I would LOVE to listen to many, many times... if there was enough time.

So in the spirit of not having enough time, here's a wonderful list of 17 songs which are 60-seconds or less, and here they are in all their glory (hint: I've also added two of my favorites from Offspring and The Books):

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