New Work Spotlight - The Wind's True Song

Following Two Falling Stars’ success with the ensemble, Josh asked me to write a new work for their celebration of Walt Whitman’s 200th birth centenary as well as local poets. He suggested I look at several wonderful poets from the southwest, leading to my discovery of the incendiary and brilliant poetry by Francisco Alarcón. His Canto blew me away with its lyrical language coupled with a profound understanding and sympathy for the immigrant experience.

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New Interpretations, Volume 1

I've never felt like an established composer, though I guess at this point I've been writing for about a decade.  I started out determined to write a cycle I could premiere on my senior voice recital at Hartt, and once I was in Cantus, there were too many opportunities to try out new styles and texts for what Cantus needed.  Now that I've been around a little bit, some of my pieces have taken off in the last few years, which is exciting.

What's REALLY exciting is seeing how these pieces' interpretations have also taken off...

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New Women's Poetry (and their use for music)

I'm not one to judge poetry.  I just don't know enough.  I read some in my humanities courses at Catalina Foothills HS, spent time writing settings of the-ones-everyone-needs-to-set (Afternoon on a Hill, several Dickinson poems, O Magnum Mysterium and some other sacred texts) and some that I ignorantly consider unique, and I STILL have no idea what I'm doing when I'm analyzing poetry.  But that's ok: if there's one thing Garrison Kealor taught me via The Writer's Almanac, it's that a layman can understand poetry if it's good and connects to the human experience.  With that in mind, I'll humbly offer up two sets of poetry I've recently come to appreciate and love (and program!).

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New Music, Volume 1

Ok now, just as it is NOT ok that all the good movies happen around the same time (Oscars, that's just too much power for not enough viewing time), or that it is NOT ok that Stranger Things drops during Midterms, it is NOT ok when too much possibly-insanely-awesome music drops at the same time.

So in the spirit of not having enough time, here's a wonderful list of 17 songs which are 60-seconds or less, and here they are in all their glory (hint: I've also added two of my favorites from Offspring and The Books):

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The New Normal

I've never written a blog before.  It's difficult to assume what you have to say is somehow inviting or catchy or worth reading.  If it's not, it's probably cluttering the unlimited online space in a way we've grown accustomed with social media and many, many organizations that purport to give us the real news.

All that said, I'm also looking forward to putting what I want where I want when I want it without worry of likes or interest since I'm guessing only a few people (hi mom! hi B! hi rando!) will read this anyway.  So, step one, enjoy what I woke up to this morning...

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