Now Breaks the Glowing Light

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Now Breaks the Glowing Light.jpg

Now Breaks the Glowing Light

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So when the swirling snow begins to fall
outside where frigid dreams begin to dance
their tarantellas to the gods of chance,
these wintry symbols list to bear their all
upon a mind obsessed with eating gall.

When will the boy awaken from the trance
of darkened lullabies that hiss their glance
of times that passed and times that never call?

Now breaks the glowing light beyond the scene
when I can both recall and sense the grace
of lips so warm and softly from your face
begins the swell of newfound winter’s keen.
I blink, and through my shattered visions see
the flower of Spring that beckons you and me.

– David Sidwell (used with permission)

© Copyright 2019, Paul John Rudoi.  All Rights Reserved.