Comet - SATB Choir, a cappella

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Comet - SATB Choir, a cappella

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Comet, by Jim Togeas

The comet dances with the sun.  It’s orbit’s curled
    In conic sections in our heads.  It beguiles
Ten billion eyes fanned across a peacock world
     When it fans its tail across ten million miles,
Then, perihelion past, bends to its out-bound pace
     Beyond the Dame of Love, the Lord of War
And paradise to let towards open space––
     The earth gone now and sun shrunk to star.

There titanic galaxies redden and recede
     Like trans-cosmic steamers plunging into night,
     And a comet’s a raft on the Sea of Naught
Where “Let there be light!” seems to have gone unsaid,
     And God’s forgot his great decree
     That Being is but Nothing cannot be.


© Copyright 2019, Paul John Rudoi.  All Rights Reserved.