Rudoi’s The Wind’s True Song, setting a poem by the late Francisco Alarcón, effectively contrasted homophonic and contrapuntal writing, with deft interweavings of solo voices.
Dallas News (08.06.2019)
The truest moments of Joycean epiphany came late in the recital, in bubbling gospel arrangements by Cantus alumnus Paul John Rudoi and 20th-century composer Jester Hairston.

Rudoi’s take on “Yonder Come Day” fastened on the piece’s infectiously vibrant rhythms, underpinned by baritone Matthew Goinz’s percussion shaker and a clap-along contribution by singers and audience. Hairston’s “In That Great Gettin’ Up Mornin’ “ had a similarly tingling effect. Where some of the program’s earlier music set poetry that seemed abstruse and wishy-washy, a sense of fresh, urgent revelation gleamed with startling clarity in these two spirituals.

In Cantus’ joyful, unpretentious performances, they cut directly to the quick of the evening’s message — that even in a world we habitually view through dark lenses, moments of brilliant illumination are possible, some of them mediated by music.
Star Tribune (10.13.2017)
The evening culminated with “America Will Be!,” a setting by Paul John Rudoi (a Cantus alumnus) of a poem by African-American writer Langston Hughes.

In its injunction to “Let America be America again” and renew the struggle for inclusiveness, the political message was unmistakable.
Star Tribune (04.04.2016)
The haunted harmonies of ‘Don’t Talk (Put Your Head On My Shoulder),’ performed with just a quartet of singers, are another highlight, as is the climactic ‘I Just Wasn’t Made For These Times,’ with its overlapping, quasi-fugal textures, and an exquisite solo from tenor Paul John Rudoi.
Classical Minnesota Public Radio (06.06.2016)
Although Cantus prides itself on vocal teamwork, and sang with wonderful blend and expressivity throughout the evening, there were striking individual contributions. Paul John Rudoi excelled as the stirring tenor soloist in the African-American spiritual ‘Been in the Storm So Long,’ and his own piece ‘America Will Be!’ was especially powerful...
Star Tribune (04.09.2016)
... it all fits together and never strays from the spirit of the season. Cantus tenor Paul John Rudoi arranged not only the Blake but a memorable “I Wonder as I Wander,” on which he sang lead.
Pioneer Press (12.10.2015)
The most political piece of the evening was the world-premiere of ‘America Will Be!’ by Cantus member Paul John Rudoi. A rousing patriotic anthem setting a text by Langston Hughes, it juxtaposed the cries of outsiders with a call for America to become its highest and most idealistic self.
Star Tribune (10.18.2013)
...for the latest of [Cantus’] annual ‘Covers’ concerts... Similarly strong were the lead lines of Aaron Humble on Paul Rudoi’s sparse and melancholy version of the jazz standard, ‘Autumn Leaves,’ which employed only a vocal trio and clarinet.
Pioneer Press (6.2.2013)
Cantus tenor Paul John Rudoi used the words of 13th-century Persian poet Rumi to create a fine new work given its premiere, ‘Song of Sky and Sea.’
Pioneer Press (10.26.2012)
This young composer is already displaying an indisputably unique, confident and innovative voice in the choral composition field.
The American Prize (7.2.2013)
The program featured two world premieres. ‘Song of Sky and Sea,’ by Cantus tenor Paul John Rudoi, looked at the approach of death from a lush lyrical perspective. His sensitive setting of text allowed for optimal clarity.
Star Tribune (10.26.2012)
A highlight of the Cantus program was the world premiere of ‘Cantate Domino’ by ensemble member Paul John Rudoi. The ensemble responded with a joyous enthusiasm in this almost pop setting of the Latin text.
Star Tribune (12.21.2011)
Among the remaining competition finalists, Paul John Rudoi’s ‘Sing Oh my Heart!’ fit well with the chorus’ smooth and syrupy tones.
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Deemed “indesputably unique, confident, and innovative” through the American Prize, Paul John Rudoi’s award-winning compositions have been commissioned and performed by various ensembles and artists throughout North America and Europe, including Orphei Dränger, the Vancouver Chamber Singers, the British Trombone Society, Cantus, and the National Lutheran Choir. His work has garnered numerous grants from the Jerome Foundation, the ACF, MRAC, MSAB, the NEA, and ASCAP. His music is published through PJR Music alongside Graphite, Santa Barbara, Walton, Morningstar, and ECS music publishers.

As a professional tenor vocalist, Paul has performed and recorded a wide range of music as a member of the full-time vocal ensemble Cantus.  From 2008 to 2016, he premiered dozens of new works for male chorus, traveled on four continents, and advocated for arts education and empowerment through education outreach opportunities nationwide.

Paul has performed and recorded a wide range of music as a member of the full-time vocal ensemble Cantus.  He holds a degree in vocal performance from the Hartt School in Hartford, Connecticut, and is currently pursuing a degree in choral conducting at the University of Oregon.

His teachers have included Craig Phillips, Robert Kyr, Sharon Paul, Libby Larsen, Mary Ellen Childs, Edward Bolkovac, and Tyler Flanders. 


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